Fortnite 2

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Here comes the second part of incredible Fortnite – one of the best collective games ever existed. When you launch the new chapter, you start with landing on the island, where all of your opponents will be waiting for you to start a massive competition for survival. Great news – you can choose the spot on the map and land wherever you want to. The place of your choice encourages you to enjoy all the benefits of this land – there are objects and weapons you will gather here and they will make you a better warrior. So, when you are landed on the island, make sure to gather equipment and weapons as fast as you can – you must do that before the battle starts! Don’t you want to start a fight against well-equipped characters when you are not ready for that, right? Then hurry up!

This chapter has a better and more engaging environment than ever. What is more, there are numerous ways to discover new places now – you are welcome to enjoy endless transportation means of all possible kinds. For instance, you can travel on the water using a boat or a ship. Are you tired of tough game process and want to have some rest? No problem – the developers allow you to catch some fish in the sea and enjoy calm and nature around you. The game is perfect for those who prefer playing with buddies – now there are cool healing options, like medical bazooka! This weapon allows you to make you injured comrades feel better. Also, there are new emotions here like “high five” which allow you to celebrate victories with your friends and enjoy your success. Attack your rivals hiding in the secret places like trash cans and bushes – blow the bomb and strike all of a sudden! They never expect you being that tricky! The arsenal of weapons here can be different – you can even use the basic kit to see how masterful you are. Choose the simplest weapons like knives and shotguns to feel the thrill and have fun in the most emotional and energetic struggles imaginable.
As always, the game is available online for free – launch it right now from any of your devices, including computer, laptop, tablet, or phone! Get ready to immerse yourself on the continuation of the most incredible and truly bright shooting adventure! Numerous new opportunities, serious enemies, and cool items are waiting for you, so hurry up and join the game! We bet that you will have fun with your buddies in the second part of marvelous Fortnite!

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