Fortnite 2020

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The brand new adventures on the field of Fortnite are waiting for you! Are you ready for a battle? Then enter this game – the freshest version of Fortnite, launched in 2020. This one is a real masterpiece, where you, your buddies, and your enemies will fight for your lives, complete missions, create, build, and pass numerous difficulties. Arrange a team of soldiers and get ready to oppose the team of rivals in the toughest battle ever. This part of the game is more than just a massive struggle, but a real campaign with missions and tasks to accomplish. You will stand against monsters that are going to attack your base and this is going to be a battle for your life. The horrible creatures are rushing at your fortress and you must make it stronger and larger to keep them away from your territory. Try not to die in the process – these guys come from hell and they really are horrible!

The world around you is huge and what is more – highly-interactive. Not only you can build fortresses and other objects to make your territory better defended. Also, you are welcome to crush the world around you – everything here can be ruined, especially if you believe that these objects interrupt and keep you away from a glorious and shiny victory. You and your buddies can delegate tasks and share duties. Some of you can be warriors, the others will play the roles of defenders, still other will become builders and strengthen the fortresses that save you from the blood-thirsty monsters. Each of your team members will enjoy his/her own adventures in this ever-changing world rich for content. The story of every character is unique every time you start playing because the game has endless ways to lead you. Also, you can find weapons and equipment everywhere you go and this will help you improve your hero and increase his/her level. Become the strongest fighter on the arena and get through all difficulties that are waiting for you in this tough, but very engaging game.
The campaign format opens new opportunities to all fans of Fortnite. You will not only fight for your life with numerous other players – this time, the game is more diverse and new opportunities are available. The format encourages you solve puzzles and take part in numerous missions that include various types of activity. This makes the playing process extremely variable and every-changing – you will gather resources, search for helpful items, get new weapons, and make your characters grow stronger and better with every new battle you take part in. Successes and failures make you a stronger fighter, so do your best and get through all of them alive!

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