Fortnite Season 3

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Thousands of new features and incredible adventures are waiting for all Fortnite fans in the third season! Welcome to the new adventures on the water – here you can sale, float, and swim around the map using numerous transportation means you have never seen before. Not only you can make your way around the seas and oceans, but also catch some fish and even ride a shark! You will master the waters as well as fire – now characters have a chance to control this chaotic substance and use it for their good. For example, use fire weapons to make your enemies a bit hotter!

By the way, new opponents will conquer the island this time – the troops of soldiers are coming and they are here to make your survival a real challenge! Will you handle a battle like that? Once you level up, you have an opportunity to build new customized umbrellas with numerous additional features and functions. The umbrellas can be arranged in any way you want, but make sure that you mind the settings, functions, and the way they work together – your choices are forever and they cannot be changed in the future! With time, the water will gradually go away and the map will change. New locations will open up for you and where the new areas are, there are always new transport as well as cool items and objects to discover and gather. In addition to that, you can ruin everything you see and use the pieces to build something else. The game’s environment is even more interactive and interesting than in ever was! Open the world of Fortnite in new light and test your skills – the game allows you to have fun in many ways!

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