Fortnite Season 4

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Here comes the fourth season of the most energetic battle royale game ever existed – you are welcome to try the new chapter right here and right now! The story starts with a huge and massive explosion – the Big Bang! When the explosion happened, the island changed radically – now the landscape is pretty much different than you remember it. What is more, the laws of physics and natural rules are altered as well! For example, you will experience the new type of gravity – so get ready to find a way to deal with it and learn how to play considering the very new environment! Not only the environment is different, but also there are extremely cool items here to try out – you will get the new rewards, such as emotions that will help you share your victory with buddies, new clothes, additional weapons, and more! Both cosmetic items and cool efficient weapons and outfits are waiting for you here.

This part of Fortnite looks cinematographically and what is more – it includes a thrilling storyline, filled with quests and tasks. The first part includes five chapters – these are the quests that encourage you to complete the mission. The plot is centered around the event – Ray is missing, she has gone and nobody knows where she is. You, Lok, and Spitfire will become a team to wander around the comet and gather new members to expand your team and recruit new players. Together, you will become a real pack of superheroes. Together, you will make your way around the locations and complete the mission assigned to you – saving Ray! As you can see, this part of Fortnite is more than just battle royale where you and other players simply have to fight one another trying to stay alive. Unlike most competitive games of such format, this season is filled with numerous actions and possibilities. Travelling, building, competing, gathering weapons, and improving your hero are just the parts of the full picture. In addition to that, you will have a chance to take part in a real plot-based mission, where there is a story to follow and the aim to complete. So this one is more than just a game where your reactions matter more than everything else – you will have to apply puzzle-solving skills as well!

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