Fortnite Update

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Are you ready for the updated version of Fortnite? This time, you will gain access to numerous new features, bombs, cool decisions, and characters. What is more, the developers gladly inform you that all the bugs were fixed – the gamers reported about the weak spots of the game and everything works perfectly now. The game won’t leave you indifferent. So, are you ready? The countdown is starting, so prepare yourself for a tough survival. Let’s discuss some of the amazing new features that are waiting for you in the game of Fortnite!

First, you will have a chance to act in the large environment – this means that you have more space to fight with your enemies. Hunt them down with your weapons in hands and make sure to look carefully around you – the opponents might be anywhere. The game has a timer and each playing circle is limited, so make sure that you are fast and accurate enough! When the time ends, only one of you will become a winner and this will be the team with a maximal number of survivors. Indeed, the largest team that has managed to keep most members alive is the best one! Among the new weapons, you will find a funny but very efficient bomb – it is stinky! You can throw that bomb in a room where you enemies are and they won’t have another choice but to leave this place.
In other means, the game follows the battle royale format, but it is divided into circles and they are limited in time. So it doesn’t mean that you will have to fight until everyone else but you die. The idea is that you have time to defeat as many enemies as you can and all chances to keep most of your comrades safe. If you will deal with this task successfully and the number of players in your team will be larger than the opponents’ one – you will win the game. Everything is decided by the amount of time and when it expires, the game ends. Make sure that you keep an eye on the timer. Find new items like chests and machines when wandering around the map – the prizes will increase your chances to be a winner. Enjoy the improved version of the game as well as a huge amount of new cool features, clothes, weapons, and opportunities. Call your buddies and enjoy this marvelous battle royale together!

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